June 6, 2009

USB Device not Recognized Error.

Why this error comes? This problem persist in two ways. All the usb ports will give this error irrespective of what you connect, in this case why it happens is because of a inner conflict in your hardware.
But sometimes all the ports will work properly, except for a single device. If this is the case, then don't worry because obviously the error is with the particular device, so now its time to check for a replacement.

June 3, 2009

My new board is awesome!

A limited edition, and features hand-picked components for extreme overclockability. Incidentally, the PCI-E slots support the new PCI-E 2.0 standard too. ASUS also adds a heat-pipe solution that integrates a water block on the Northbridge chipset for proper cooling.

The entire motherboard has a very intricate heat-pipe system that remains cool no matter about the working hours. It also embeds an inbuilt sensor that will warn you if temperature exceed threshold. ASUS also have incorporated a special 2-phasememory voltage termination for voltage regulation even at overclocking. The BIOS is full of overclocking options and tweaks and more than sufficient number of SATA, and USB ports. Looking at the price Rs 16,800 seems high, but it’s plenty of board for that much. ASUS includes a rich bundle too. Highly recommended for those looking at a high-end, stable platform in general .

June 2, 2009

Biometrics, Redefined.

It can be defined as the technique of studying the physical characteristics of humans to establish identity.

The increased need for security, and it is also convenient to simply place finger on to a scanner instead of remembering a complex password.

The concept is simple. Pre-stored database is used to compare your finger impression with a record already in database. When a match is found, access is granted. A fingerprint is like waves with ridges and valleys, they are scanned to verify the authenticity.

An optical (CCD) scanner similar to the ones used in digital cameras is used for scanning. It is an array of light sensitive diodes .When they come in contact with light, they generate an electrical signal.An ADC system that converts electrical signal into digital. The scanner will also have a light source to illuminate the finger.

May 28, 2009

My desktop is bluetooth enabled..

It just cost around $4, a simple tool that now enables my system to be connected to any mobile devices which have Bluetooth enabled.
Before,I have to take the memory card out from the mobile phone, then insert it into a card reader and then connect through the USB port.Even after these steps the data transfer may be interrupted in the middle with giving some error message.Such annoying thing actually made me to take this wise decision.Now just like sending to a thumb drive, I can use the "send to" option to send to any connected device in the proximity, just like that.

May 23, 2009

It's my pet, oh!!

Its a robot that communicates with humans socially, understands human feelings and react properly.It learns like an infant and shows feelings.

Like a infant it needs a environment for learning, if it is under stimulated it feels bored,and when over stimulated it shows fear.

May 22, 2009

LCD, Plasma,etc..

They say that it is possible to build huge LCD screens at low price but at the same time with high definition and resolution.
Currently there is a rapid improvement in this field of monitors but, it is been found that there is a lot of loss of light due to the design of these LCD screens.The researchers had found that using a special mirror it is possible to rectify the issue and it is possible to use all the light to the pixel.
Whatever? can I get a new one for older exchange.

May 18, 2009

I- Pod, Apple's

As I’ve used the iPod Touch, and all of us must say it’s exceptionally well .Atleast after you got the chance of working around with this little piece of certainity.

It incorporates a whole lot features in it Firstly, excellent sound, with something technically said as tonal neutrality. Good bass response sounds equally well in Metal as well as with Jazz and Blues.

Secondlly photo viewer, browsing through the photos is as simple as flipping through an album. To prove its real touch sense, there’s a single button whose sole aim is to return to the main menu, regardless where you are. Thirdly is very good video player, which satisfy even movie junkies with its large and clear screen.

Fourthly is the integrated WiFi which ensures stability in case of no connectivity with entire storage space as a Flash drive.